Rice Grains

This little book was written after several of my clients told me that they had passed my 'rice grains' story to friends or family.  I have told this story many times and it has been polished over the years.  It works equally well for children or busy executives and everyone in between.  I am delighted that such a simple story can mean so much to people when they are feeling flat.  Rice Grains makes an excellent gift - especially when it is for someone you care about.  Order a copy for your gift drawer - you never know when you might need one!



The task of counselling is to give clients an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully and towards greater well being. As a professional in this field, Isla advises or prescribes methodologies for dealing with issues, as well as facilitating ways for clients to find the right course of action for them. Counselling is about looking at the past, realising that changes in thoughts, feelings and actions are required to move forward, and being supported fully to making those changes at a pace that feels right for the client.

Counselling is for you if you are:

  • Feeling stuck and unable to make decisions
  • Sad, down, blue or flat
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless about life generally
  • Suffering from an inability to move forward
  • Having difficulties with a relationship
  • Wanting a sounding board to help clarify your thoughts


The role of the coach is to help you identify your true goals based on your values, dreams, talents, abilities and aspirations. Then provide ongoing support and acknowledgment as you progress towards your goal. Isla’s gift to you is her skill and ability to question you to forward your personal growth. Coaching is not just a practical journey, but also an emotional one as you amaze yourself with your own learning. Isla is committed to bringing clarity to every session and no matter how hard your journey, she is able to support you.

Coaching is for you if you want to:

  • Set goals that honour who you really want to be
  • Get results using a step by step plan
  • Be focused and productive
  • Tackle the obstacles and blocks that get in your way
  • Stop procrastinating and start actioning

Conflict Resolution

The key to resolving conflict is the desire to end it in an appropriate manner for all concerned. This may be through facilitation, negotiation, mediation or conciliation. Conflict resolution workshops can be arranged to provide tips on how best to finalise the issue.

Facilitation is for you if you require an impartial third person to pass information to the other party, to help resolve the dispute.
Negotiation is for you if you require an impartial third person to brainstorm ideas to help resolve the dispute.
Mediation is for you if you require an impartial third person to provide a structured formal process where each party can identify issues in the dispute which they feel needs to be resolved in order for the parties to settle
Conciliation is for you if you need a third person with a background to the dispute to help the parties determine an outcome which the parties can accept.


Values are based on our feelings. We think about them, act on them and they drive us. If there is a conflict of values within you, then a values clarification session will identify alternative patterns of behavior are to integrate with your feelings and beliefs - to become the person you wish to be. To be personally satisfied with your lot in life, acknowledge your values and pursue the passion inside.

Values clarification is for you if:

  • you are not proud of who you are
  • are unsure of who you are
  • you are stuck in making decisions about your life
  • keep repeating patterns that are inconsistent with your beliefs
  • cannot choose your position in life freely
  • your actions aren’t aligned with your values

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Client Testimonials

"In delivering the a plus project, a national programme for patients experiencing depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, we found Isla to be a consummate professional in every respect.

Not only did she possess the necessary knowledge base, but combined with her natural skills as a presenter and as an astute motivator of the human condition, Isla was able to ensure her charges maximised the benefits received from the a plus project sessions.

In sum, we found Isla to be a communiactor of exceptional ability, whose intelligence, genuine interest in her charges, and enthusiasm for the project ensured the optimum delivery of our program."

Sam Barbagallo
Project Manager
Netmedica Pty Ltd